Exercises to Help With Fibromyalgia While Pregnant

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Do you have fibromyalgia and have you ever considered exercises to help with fibromyalgia while pregnant? Coping with fibromyalgia during pregnancy may seem like a large task, but keeping yourself fit with some fibromyalgia exercises will make your pregnancy more enjoyable and help you cope through the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia and pregnancy share many of the same symptoms, such as: fatigue, muscle aches, skin sensitivity and difficulty concentrating. The symptoms associated with pregnancy tend to be mild, while fibromyalgia symptoms can be much more debilitating. When you combine these conditions and then consider that most approved fibromyalgia drugs aren’t safe to take during pregnancy, you may find yourself desperate for relief from pain and discomfort. Fibromyalgia exercises can help you manage the chronic and painful symptoms associated with pregnancy and fibromyalgia in a natural but effective way.


According to a Spanish study reported by Drugs.com, women who participated in regular aquatic exercised for eight months reported both decreased fibromyalgia symptoms and improved quality of life. Swimming is an excellent, and one of the best low-impact exercises to help with fibromyalgia pain while pregnant. Pregnant women can also find relief from joint and muscle aches in the water, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Water’s buoyancy reduces pressure on joints, minimizes swelling and provides an effective aerobic exercise. Workout in a heated pool for maximum benefit.


Low-impact exercises to help with fibromyalgia pain while pregnant, such as walking, can help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. While scientists don’t completely understand what causes or cures fibromyalgia, the increased endorphin and serotonin levels you experience during walking may play a role in relieving pain. Walking is safe and appropriate during all stages of pregnancy and can even help you manage pain during labor. Start small, then gradually work your way up to 20 to 30 minutes per day, three to five times per week.


Prenatal yoga has recently been gaining more popularity because of its effectiveness. It’s not simply for calming and relaxing the body, but it’s also an effective way to tone and strengthen muscle and build flexibility. The University of Maryland Medical Center points out that any exercise routine aimed and controlling fibromyalgia symptoms should include muscle strengthening and flexibility work. Research reported in “Science Daily” indicates that the type of slow breathing performed during yoga can lessen chronic pain.


If walking or standing seems like too much of an effort and too high of an impact on your body if you’re suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms while pregnant, cycling also offers an effective workout in a seated or semi-reclined position. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports exercise bikes offer a low-impact way for people with fibromyalgia to exercise indoors. Cycling also makes the American Pregnancy Association’s list of best exercises for pregnant women because the seat supports one’s weight instead of the joints. Stationary or exercise bikes offer safer workouts than traditional bicycles because there’s less risk of falling or losing control of your equipment.

Out of all of these exercises to help with fibromyalgia pain while pregnant, most of them are completely low stress and simply healthy life choices. From swimming to cycling, a healthy lifestyle, no matter if one is afflicted with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, exercise will help you cope with the pain and is a fun way to enjoy your pregnancy and reap the benefits later of being in shape and more healthy.

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