Types of Fibromyalgia Pain

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You’ve heard that fibromyalgia is painful, but what are the types of fibromyalgia pain? People who suffer from fibromyalgia and have experienced the pain know that there are actually several different types of fibromyalgia pain. So, before you start moving forward with doing some fibromyalgia exercises, it may be a good idea to know if your pain may be made worse by certain exercise.

According to the medical community, there are only a few of the types of fibromyalgia pain that have an actual medical name or official medical definition. Just like the Eskimos have more than few words that mean “snow”, there also needs to be additional words and ways to describe the varying pains from fibromyalgia. Here are a seven categories for different types of fibromyalgia pain.

There are only three types of fibromyalgia pain that have a medical definition. They are:

  • Hyperalgesia
  • Allodynia
  • Painful Paresthesia

There are an additional four types of fibromyalgia pain that have a very descriptive, non-medical name, but are pretty self-explanatory by their name. They are:

  • Knife in the Voodoo Doll
  • Randomly Roving Pain
  • Sparkler Burns
  • Rattled Nerves

Those of you who suffer from the various types of pain from fibromyalgia know exactly they types of pain these names describe. Now, let’s define each of these types of fibromyalgia pain.

Hyperalgesia & Fibromyalgia Pain

This definition is pretty simple: “hyper” means and excess of and “algesia” simply means pain and hyperalgesia is the medical term for pain amplification that happens with those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Basically, this type of pain is defined as our brains taking the regular pain signals and amplifying them “louder” or “higher” than they would be in a person who doesn’t suffer from FMS. The drugs prescribed for fibromyalgia pain are usually targeted to this definition.

Allodynia & Fibromyalgia Pain

This is diagnosed as painful touch to the skin and is the most perplexing. Allodynia is when mild touch or pressure from our clothes or very gentle massage can cause pain. Many people claim it feels like a sunburn. This type of fibromyalgia pain is pretty rare, apart from fibromyalgia pain sufferers, and can also be felt in those who’ve had shingles, neuropathy or a migraine headache. Not fun at all.

Allodynia can show itself in three ways:

  • Tactile – pain from gentle touch or pressure
  • Mechanical – pain from something moving across ones skin (such as clothing)
  • Thermal – pain from temperature that’s not severe enough to damage tissue

Painful Paresthesia & Fibromyalgia

This is described as strange nerve reactions that feel like ones body is crawling, burning, itching or tingling. There could also be the sensation of numbness as well. Any one of the sensations can be painful and paresthesia is often associated with peripheral neuropathy, those who take chemotherapy drugs, multiple sclerosis and migraine headaches.

Now for the non-medical definitions of types of fibromyalgia pain:

  • The Knife in the Voodoo Doll fibromyalgia pain is described as an intense stabbing pain out of nowhere that seemingly feels like it is going straight through ones body. In many ways it feels like being impaled by a spear.
  • The Randomly Roving Pain fibromyalgia pain simply confirms the fact that there really is no rhyme nor reason for fibromyalgia. It’s a pain that migrates around the body, appearing in different places at different times with seemingly no reason.
  • The Sparkler Burns fibromyalgia pain feels like the sparks from a sparkler hit your hand. There is a small tingling and piercing feeling of pin pricks on your skin. They are annoying enough to make one want to scratch because you feels itchy, but doing so can trigger other types of fibromyalgia pain. Quite often these ‘sparkler burns’ only last a very short time.
  • The Rattled Nerves fibromyalgia pain is difficult to explain to those who’ve never experienced fibro pain. There are various stimulii that simply get a fibromite’s body on edge – the feeling of being rattled or un-nerved. There is usually an uncomfortable body ache coupled many times with either dizziness, nauseousness or anxiety. This type of fibromyalgia pain is potentially started by types of “chaos” like: repetitive loud sounds, flashing lights and large crowds and stressful situations like busy traffic. If you’re feeling this pain, it is recommended to remove yourself from the situation and try to get your body to calm down.


As you see, there are various types of fibromyalgia pain. Not everyone who suffers from fibromyalgia suffer equally from all these types of pains, but many will have experienced more than one and perhaps even a few simultaneously. Figure out what types of fibromyalgia symptoms you have and then you can start the road to managing your pain.

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